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Artisanal Weaver


We strive for not only economic resilience but also cultural resilience.

Our story began in 2017 with a small Coliving space in Ahangama for digital nomads, where we began to support the local aunties and their families at a micro level. This paved the way to an open platform for the local community to share their skills with the world while also collaborating with the creative collective of the island.

With the support of Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance and Good Life X, we transformed a shipping container into a tastefully designed gallery and lifestyle store to provide these conscious creators an opportunity to exhibit and market their products. We ensure that all products are sourced and created locally in a responsible and sustainable manner while ensuring that no foreigner leaves with an imported plastic trinket.

We strive for not only economic resilience but also cultural resilience. Therefore, we intend to create an inclusive place for all while hosting various pop up exhibitions and cultural events to promote Sri Lankan Arts and culture. Also, sustainable design workshops as well as awareness programs, community outreach projects will be carried out regularly for the continuous development of the local crafts and community while the space will also function as a community center for the local kids during off season. Sustainable waste management and recycling practices will be set in place and we intend to set a precedent to follow for other organizations in the locality.

We are eager to make this space a success and Hope® for a wonderful revival of the arts, crafts and community

Do u want to collaborate or plan an event with us? 

Do you know a creative Aunty who deserves our support? 

Do you have any suggestions for us?


We are eager to hear your feedback and suggestions, and we are ready to collaborate with you. Just drop us a message!

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