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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

If you ever have the good fortune to experience the remnants of Dutch and Portuguese colonization through the remarkable beauty of the intricate lace Sunethra from Kandy creates, don’t let it detract you from also appreciating a lifetime of challenges she has overcome. As a single mother of a 23 year old daughter, and the sole breadwinner who supports two unmarried sisters, Sunethra is currently building the house of her dreams (literally) and can be seen every morning inspecting the construction site, wearing a hat! She hails from a long line of strong artisan women; she remembers her grandmother weaving, braiding and twisting threads, until her mother taught her the family craft when she was 12 years old. Covid times continue to be tough, but her spirits are high. Hope Market is proud to lend a hand to lift her up, so together , we can all help take strides to be closer to her dreams.


Lace making is a family trait for Sunethra from Kandy. Although she has been creating magic with her fingers since when her mother first taught her the family craft when she was 12, she formalized her training in the year 2000 when she joined a garment factory to support the family and became a veteran of the garment industry by 2017. She felt she was ready to venture out on her own, and started making lace for tableware to be sold to tourists. Sunethra fortunately as good friends, and her friend Wasanthi stitches the lace together. Since the pandemic hit Sri Lanka, it has been more challenging for both Sunethra and Wasanthi.

Hope for the future

Sunethra plans to expand her little beeralu enterprise and hopes to one day open a little display gallery in her new home as soon as the construction is complete…fingers crossed!

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