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The art of seeds

After exchanging city luxury for a simpler, greener life this designer and her family moved to a little piece of the wild. As a 7 year old she found herself constantly encapsulated by the natural world. She couldn’t help but hoard sequins, pebbles and anything shiny that caught her eye. Her curiosity eventually led to the formation of Beeja Kala; a jewellery line initiated to create awareness about the art of seed saving and sharing.

A fallen seed is generally considered waste, at Beeja, these seeds are handpicked, cleaned and transformed into masterpieces by the Sirilanda Community that you drape around yourself without costing the earth.

Currently Beeja Kala gifts products to the customers of their mother company; Seth Sri Lanka. ( Check them out in our They both focus on People care, earth care and fareshare by finding green solutions with a Sri Lankan touch.

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