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Islandy is a brand that came up with the love of art and crafts and free hand painting. Also with the passion of traveling the idea came up to make travel needs easy. The pottery is a main part of the brand where I do paintings of all inspirations to attract the customers with colors, motifs and culture. It is more of a combination of art and travel needs. I do always try to make use of all the supplies out from our motherland Sri Lanka to make the brand identical.

Before starting my own brand I was working as a Merchandiser for a leading buying office and worked as an Operational coordinator for local brand. And then I had the eager of starting up my own brand focusing on to art, craft and travel since I'm a keen traveler. I started up a little things from stone painted magnets, clay plate painting and some cute little traveling need products. People started to show interest on the products and it made me to passionately work on my brand as a local business. For now I'm the only person who runs the roll for designing, merchandising, photography, marketing and for all the business talks and of course my family helps as well. Also some of the materials used for main products like clay pottery are purchased from local suppliers and cane products from the local street of famous cane shops. The sawing part is done from my loving seamstress who is working for a factory also helping out for me from home. The business is located at my home since it runs on small quantity.

INTERVIEWING THE LADY BOSS Location; where are you based in?


Do you remember the first thing you made?

Yes, It's the stone painting

What were you before you became a maker?

A person who was afraid of taking big steps

What inspired you to start the brand?

After doing my studies of fashion designing I did not have the chance of making my own creations or practice as a designer. I had to work as a merchandiser where it was so stress full. And then there was a small break from doing any jobs and had to re think of my life. Then I had a chance of working for a local brand as an Operational coordinator where it gave me the courage to start up my own business. More specially the family support. Then thought of starting it with smaller and hope I can reach to good level in future.

What inspires your work?

Local art, nature and colors

What was the last gift you gave someone?

A travel mat from my brand

If you could learn a new skill what would it be?

Diving in the sea

What do you do to overcome lockdown blues?

Watch movies, find inspirations for my products

How has the pandemic affected your business?

I would say it helped me to think what I'm capable of and the time to build up my own brand. To over come the business flops during the pandemic, I would say work more on marketing and interesting contents in Social media to attract customers.

Are you interested in any collaborative design work with crafts women in the south?

Yes, I would love to


What gives you Hope?

God and My Family

What are your hopes for the future of your brand?

Sustainability, good customer service and ethical eco friendly products

What are you Hopeful for in 2022?

To get over from this pandemic and get back to work with the business world

Any advice for other Boss Ladies like yourself?

Never have doubts on what you are capable of. Take all the risks and chances :)

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